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What we do

Our core services

Our core services fall into the following categories

Tracing family members

An across-the-board tracing service for missing person enquiries, including overseas traces.


From marital disputes through to concerns regarding appropriate child welfare, we can put you in the picture.

Debt recovery

We can find out where you debtor is and whether the money you are owed can be paid back.

Process serving

We can trace the person being served and ensure your legal documents are served correctly, in line with Civil Procedure Rules.


Debtors and absconders often create false trails to avoid being found. We know how to pick up the right trail from evidence based investigation and field enquiries to find them quickly and safely.

Asset searching

We can establish what assets your debtor has and how you can take action to recover financial loss.

Witness statement taking

We are experts at interviewing and taking detailed witness statements for admission in court on behalf of solicitors, law firms and insurance organisations.


From suspected fraud to breaches of employment terms or false insurance claims, our investigative methods and techniques help law firms establish the truth.

Employee & company checks

Appropriate due diligence checks can be invaluable in protecting your interests. We can undertake this for you and find out whether they are being honest in their dealings with you.

Internal workplace investigations

If you need an independent, impartial team to lead a covert internal inquiry into theft or fraudulent behaviour by staff, we can handle the entire operation sensitively and professionally.

Fraud investigations & enquiries

If you are hit by fraud or financial deception, we can help you get to the bottom of it, gather evidence and set the wheels in motion to recover losses.

HR services

Our investigative team is also highly qualified and adept in HR practices and legislation to help you through employment issues.

Debt recovery

It is difficult to recover money from debtors if they are being deliberately evasive, especially if you are a small business. We can help you resolve business debt by formally pursuing payment prior to court action and beyond if required. We will discuss collection methods with you and tailor our approach to ensure prompt repayment.


Whether you are trying to discover if an employee is taking time off work under pretence, or a co-director is syphoning off funds for other interests, our surveillance knowhow and technology will gather all the evidence you need.

Cyber-crime awareness

Cyber-crime costs UK businesses billions every year. We can help you better protect yourself against bogus online scams. And if you have fallen victim to cyber-crime, we will investigate to get to the source and uncover the perpetrator.

From protection against cyber-attack to equipping you with investigative tools to complete your own enquiries, UK Investigation Services can provide you and your team with industry approved training so that you know exactly what to do if you have suffered financial loss due to fraudulent behaviour.

We can also provide you with preventative measures to safeguard your business, financial and domestic interests against criminal behaviour and unlawful activity.

Our core services

The UK Investigation Services team can work with you to deliver effective legal and financial resolutions to outstanding problems.


From tracing beneficiaries to debt recovery. Read more

Legal support services

From process serving and asset searching to witness statement taking and surveillance.

Commercial problem solving

From Employee & Company checks and Internal workplace investigations to debt recovery and cyber-crime awareness.


From protection against cyber-attack to equipping you with investigative tools to complete your own enquiries.

Private investigators who will find the missing pieces

The personal touch

Law firms, solicitors and businesses commission UK Investigation Services regularly.

Typically to serve documents or to undertake asset searches on individuals or companies.

Experience and ethics

We work closely with insolvency agencies to establish equity potential and realistic debt recovery options for clients.

So they can make clearer decisions on what legal proceedings to pursue.

Cost effective solutions

Many people who approach us have never used a private investigator before and are unaware of the breadth of investigative services we offer. 

They are often pleasantly surprised at how, where and when we can help them out.

"Our attention to detail and comprehensive reporting puts all the relevant information at your fingertips, so you can make appropriate decisions on the best course of action to take."

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